Where Friends Become Family

Last week, a long time client, lost their dog Bosco, suddenly.  The family, has supported us since we opened Sleep Rover by bringing Bosco regularly to daycare and overnights.  Over the years, the family became a part of our family, including the parents parents.  I still remember the first day Grandpa and Gramma dropped off Bosco, as he dragged him down the stairs of the old Sleep Rover.  They were laughing and giggling, as Bosco pulled these tiny asian grandparents towards me.

It truly was heart melting.

We bonded also, because Bosco’s parents was a huge advocate of the Doberman breed.  How it was all about training and their upbringing.  My focus was Rottweilers and Bully Breeds.  Their parents too, were a little worried about Bosco, and soon fell in love with him.  My parents too, with Shogun.

They helped other Doberman owners, and created a strong community in Calgary.

27935138_2095635843999147_837559049_nMeanwhile, Mr. Bosco, always came to daycare with a little container for lunch, and there was never a day, that Bosco’s parents ever missed a Sleep Rover day.


As all the girls shed tears, and their heart sunk when they heard the news – it took me awhile to reflect.  We have lost so many clients over the years due to age or sickness, and I am so blessed to have watched the families grow.

From girlfriend boyfriend, to husband wife, to most recent, a new human baby.  Never was there an excuse, to ever put Bosco on the back burner.


This family never skipped a beat in giving Bosco the best life.

They also gave us the best mornings, with their smiles, and the motivation and encouragement when things were tough at Sleep Rover.  They always took the time to ask how each and every one of us was.  They always took the time to email me personally when things were rough.  They always gave feedback and honesty, so we could continue to grow.

That is all our OG (original) clients.  I always knew we had the best clients, but losing Bosco made me realize, how many years you all have stood by our side.  How your dogs, are our own as well.

Bosco touched so many lives at Sleep Rover, other dogs, past and present caregivers.  He always loved snuggles, and using us as a scratching post.  He also had a great singing voice!


Bosco, you will be missed greatly.  You put your paw print on every single one of us.  Your best buddies Simba, Fynn, Nelson and Creed are all going to miss you, and of course all your crazy girlfriends.

However you join many Sleep Rover Angels who will keep your company.  Your smile will stay furever in our hearts.

We love you.


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