Sleep Rover Resort and Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel & Daycare UPDATE

Sorry for the late updates – it has been a busy 4 months of 2015 – as I am sure you all are as frustrated as me, when it comes to getting a new location set.

We are very grateful that our current landlords have been accommodating for us – as we venture into bettering our facility for you all.

The acreage has been an uphill battle that we are not surrendering to – and although we are approved for a kennel business for our resort dream – this road is putting a financial headache on our plans.  We are not giving up tho – this will be a side project we are continuing to push forward.

Listening to all our feedback as well – we decided to also choose a place in town!  With Sleep Rover Resort still trekking along – we now have a new Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel & Daycare in town right off Deerfoot.

With our muchly anticipated 2500 sq.ft. Indoor Offleash Park with Wading Pool – and our dedicated overnight sleeping quarters – this place is going to be THE go to place!  We have learned so much at our current location (what materials to use, what not to use) – and these lessons will be carried onto the new location.


Don’t laugh at my drawings!!


Each room will have their own yard – and each yard – leads into a large offleash park!  We are so stoked as this will lessen all our crazy morning rushes when we let out all the overnight dogs.  Imagine, we have to rotate 3 overnight rooms into a yard during morning check out times at our current location!!  THAT is why it is so loud and crazy every morning!  However our staff are amazing of course – and work it like pros.  For once in Sleep Rover history – we have finally found our core 10 staff – something that we have striven and worked so hard for.  They are the foundation and key to our business.  Everything else, is just a perk!

We also will be offering our space for the dog industry in respect to dog training and dog sports – we want to support all local businesses in the dog world with the same mindset as us, including Pet First Aid Courses, Puppy Socials, Agility and of course – Dog parties!  Rent our private indoor offleash for your friends or rent it for yourself.  There is no place like it, in Alberta… if not, Canada.

We are also working on a new system which has not been as friendly as we thought (hard to use, hard to book…) – we have spent countless man hours and it has proven to be more inefficient than efficient – so we apologize!   In our new space – a new system will be in place as we will have a full working server.  We are venturing into a few new softwares this Spring and hope to finally follow through with one!  We wish we knew a computer programmer!!

In the new location our hours will be longer and of course we will have dedicated front end staff.  At our current location we do not, only because we do not have an actual storefront – so our time is always spent with the dogs at the back.  Please always leave an email or voicemail, as we believe in responding the same business day.  We thank all our understanding clients who have always supported us through these growing pains – we are so lucky – and you, are our vision and push to keep going, no matter what the obstacles!

We are sorry for our waiting list clients – as we are trying our best to push this facility forward as fast as we can.  Unfortunately a lot of it, is not under our control – but our timeline for 2015 seems to be going pretty smoothly so far.

Why move Sleep Rover?  We promised a better facility 2 years ago for our clients – as our current location is what we started out with – an office warehouse not properly designed for dogs in mind.  Our new location is everything we have always wanted – as if the timing was perfectly timed!  When we first opened, we focussed on cleanliness, not over crowding and giving the best for our clients.  Over time, we have been unable to upkeep this mentality due to our inflexibility of our current location in respect to upgrades.

We have some amazing specials for our current clients for June – and of course some amazing grand opening specials.

Please tell your friends who are waiting, that we are sorry – and send them this update.  We have encountered quite a few unhappy waiting list clients – and we greatly apologize.  We would love to take all 48 of you right now – however we are already reaching our maximums daily.  With summer coming up – we only will get more and more full – and because we have a strict staff to do ratio, and of course space limits – we are pushing this on a daily basis.  We hope you can grit with us just a few more months!  WE promise the wait is worth it.

Thank you as well to all our clients who have passed our names around and getting us involved in the community as the ‘go to’ dog kennel to involve with these top named businesses.  It is an honor and was great meeting a few of you the last few weeks.  We also are excited to host the first Pet A Palooza Dog Pawrty in Western Canada, the first in Calgary, as their popularity stems from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.  This year in July, it will be held at Eau Claire Market!!  Stay tuned!

So please bear with our muddy yard, and our busy waits – knowing that our service and care for your dog has not changed.  I think some dogs think the more the merrier anyways.  If we had a choice to fast forward this process quicker – we would, trust me!  Improving has always been our motto!  We are a business that will never remain stagnant.

Join our newsletter, join our Facebook Fan Page to stay up to date on all the specials and updates for our many phases.  As noted – only active clients will have first experiences at our new facility – so feel free to join our waiting list if you are inactive or new!  We are currently at a 48 dog wait list and average 6 new client requests daily.

Once again, thank you for your patience.



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