Kao Crew DOG ROOM Tour!

Have not done a vlog in awhile – as I never know what to talk about – but I think a Dog Room tour would be interesting – since many people probably wonder how do I keep organized with 5 dogs?  We recently moved to the acreage to an older farm home last year.  Keeping our dogs organized – keeps me stressfree, and of course them, relaxed!  This way I can have a cleaner come in every month to maintain a spot free, organized home!

‘everything we sell we use’

Here are the items I mentioned in the video to keep us organized!  As we promote ‘everything we sell we use’ to set a focus on quality and research, you can find mostly everything at Sleep Rover!!

  • Flooring Choices!  We took out Carpet and replaced with laminate. Affordable if you buy from Costco!  Saves on smell, stains etc.  Easy clean up – durable and non scratch.
  • Shrine of Thor – memorable piece by the famous Zaworski Art from Annie Cole of Muttley Crew!  I love keeping memorabilia of all my dogs.  https://www.facebook.com/zaworskiart  A local artist making Trinket memories -Trinket Tails – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trinket-Tails/697253570367404
  • Convenient hooks (i got cheap dog ones at Ikea $1.99) to hang outerwear on those cold winter days. Clothes by Ruffwear, Yellow Hydrant, Custom Sleep Rover hoodies and NHL sweaters, coats and jerseys – all available at Sleep Rover!
  • Like kids – involve your dogs in Dog Sports such as Dockdogs and Western Canada Weight Pull!  Some people hate people calling their dogs their ‘kids’ – well I am one of those that you hate!
  • Collars by Ruff Gear, Ruff Wear, RC PETs, Collar Shop, Hamish McBeth and some customs from Etsy.
  • Human backpacks by Lululemon and MEC!  Great for hikes with your dog (to become handsfree), jogs or quick travels!  You have enough to deal with handling your dog, no need to have big items to weigh you down and hinder any dog activities.
  • Dog backpacks for travel and hikes – Ruffwear and RC pets both make amazing quality ones!  Have Rover carry their own snacks and water!  I even make mine carry their lifejackets.
  • Lifejackets, Cooling Jackets and Harnesses by Ruffwear!  Quality gears for the outdoors!
  • Old towels for dogs for their baths – or microfiber ones!  If you do not like your towel anymore, donate it to your dog!  Or if you wish to splurge – by new!  Microfiber is popular due to the amount of water retention they have and microbial properties.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – I use Tropiclean 2 in 1 and Pethead! We also stock Burt Bees and Nootie!  You know your dog has had fun when they come in dirty!  I mean Dirty Dogs Have More Fun… but get less hugs!!  Make it easy to bath your dogs at home by stocking both towels and dog shampoo!
  • Baby Wipes – clean eyes, ears, bums and spills or puke!  Easy grab and go!
  • Bins to store dog food when you camp, travel or drop off at a kennel! Easy to carry, little mess!  I use Rubbermaid!
  • Another bin to store seasonal items to swap between winter and summer!  Remember to wash them before you store them, or they will SMELL!!
  • Extra bowls for guests including travel bowls like the Sleepypod 3 in 1 YUMMY BOWLS. Great for travel and super durable!
  • Grooming necessities – Furminator, Nail Clippers, Eye Wipes and Ear Wipes by Happy Tails, First Aid Gel with Oregano Oil by Oregapet for owies! Pet wrap for injuries, bug spray, baby wipes, sun block for humans and dogs, syringes for medication, Benedryl for allergies, diaper cream for rashes etc.
  • Bin for extra nicknacks such as extra unopened spare toys (your dogs favorite!) such as Shogun’s Whistle Ball from Planet Dog. He won’t chase any other ball so I stock up in case!  Poop bag stash!
  • Treat shelf – usually stocking CharkO’s (liver covered trachea – great for joints) and GET NAKED chews!  Cannot forget about the Tuckers Chicken Breast!  If you have a picky eater – they will NOT turn these down!
  • Cleaning supplies – a roll of paper towel (ALWAYS!) and disinfectant wipes.
  • Girly prissy clothes – never thought I would, but I am! Azumi’s clothes mostly purchased at The Pawticular Pooch in Chestermere!!
  • Wireless handheld Dyson!  I tried the Roomba – but with this many dogs – I could not keep up with the emptying of the tiny tiny container!  For a 1 dog family – definitely worth it!
  • Lots and lots of photos of dogs, whether taken by myself or professional done! Also recently got paintings of my dogs – that can be extended as the family grows!  Professional photos by BrindleBerry, and portrait by Robyn Millar!

Hope I was able to answer some questions, and if not, at least you were able to check out our humble abode!  Having multiple dogs, does not mean you have to have a crazy and unorganized dirty home!  These few steps can also give you bonus points when finding dog friendly rentals.


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