HAPPY 5th Birthday – Celebrate With US!

Going into our 5th year of business – means many changes!  I always believe that in order to be successful – you should always be looking for ways to be better.

We recently got nominated as finalists for the Calgary Chambers Award!  The small business week helped us expand our knowledge and open the roadways to get us there!  We can not wait to implement them.

SR Siggy 2014 Rover

It has been a crazy year in 2014 – as we as a company strive to be better in many ways.

  1. NEW PLACE!  It has been a year long preparation to get our new Sleep Rover Resort going.  With all the ups and downs – you can guarantee it means that this Resort is going to be something spectacular!  We are in our second rounds with refinancing to fuel this mandatory Range Road – and just months away from prepping our amazing architects to begin construction!  We are dreaming of that brand new facility with all the yard space for all the dogs.  Plus no more waiting in traffic to get Rover – there is no lights right off of Stoney Trail!
  2. NEW LOGO!  Thank you to Lorie for spending weeks with us, in finalizing our newest logo.  A logo that not only represents are current cartoon Pitbull logo that everyone recognizes – but the new farm building at the back – representing our new resort.  The clean lines help us venture from amateur small business – to a more professional look.  You will still see our classic cartoon that everyone has fallen in love with – but with a grown up tone in our advertisements.  *DID YOU KNOW?* Why the Pitbull?  First things comes to mind (EDUCATE, do NOT Discriminate!)  It represents our views against:
    1. NOT all small dogs are yappy and bite!
    2. NOT all rescued dogs are bad!
    3. BREEDS do not depict dog personalities;
    4. Pet Nutrition – what the vet sells you is not necessarily good for Rover; etc.
  3. NEW WEBSITE!  To compliment our new logo – is a crisp new website courtesy of Cheri Dufresne.  Easy to navigate and easy to update.  Nothing is more important than having an active website – for those that are not on Facebook and unable to keep up to date with the fast scrolling feed on there.  This sharp website is the central hub to everything Sleep Rover!  Look for it in the next few days at www.sleeprover.ca – you will know you are seeing the new one, when you see our new logo!  Sleeprover Logo With Barn Final small
  4. NEW SOFTWARE!  We had a yoga software that promised to be kennel friendly but after 2 years of struggling with Mindbody – we moved on to a real kennel software.  Unfortunately that means we have to transfer all our clients information into the database – 2500 clients!  It has been tedious as on top of clients, we have to input all our products in the boutique.  GOOD NEWS?  When it is up and running, check outs will be faster as well as checkins!  ON TOP, everything will be tracked – no more Excel Worksheets.  Yes, we ran invoicing for 5 years on Excel and Microsoft Outlook for booking – everything was manual.  Time to move from the dinosaur ages to the modern times – so please bare with us.  With that will come scan cards, options to prepurchase (so you do not need to pay each time your dog is in for daycare) – AND of course, the new point system.  We eventually will advance to online booking as well!
  5. LESS PAPER!  Slowly transitioning for the month of November will be our emailed daycare cards.  Sadly i know many of our clients keep the daycare cards for memories, or post on their fridge, scrapbook or dogs room!  We will be trialing these personalized daycare cards and welcome any feedback.  Journals will follow suite there after!  Did you know that Sleep Rover spends $1500/month just on daycare cards and journals?  That is a lot of trees!  Our applications will also be a manual entry – you will no longer need to print, fill out, scan and send to us.  It will all be electronical.
    Being in the pet industry – wages are not anything to brag about.  Our staff make minimum wage – and as many of you know, minimum wage does not get you too far. As our 5 year birthday gift back to our staff – we wanted to give them a thank you – for making $8.50/hr when we first opened in 2009 – to a more sustainable wage – that they can grow and thrive in.With minimum wage increasing in the last 5 years – we at Sleep Rover Ltd., not once, have increased our prices for our services.  Along with rent increases and taxes – we have decided to make a few changes to our pricelist as of November 1st, 2014 – and hope you, as our clients are in agreement.
    1. Overnight Rate per night:  $40/night.  Check in before 10am and Check out before 2pm.
    2. Late Check out – $20 – between 2pm to 7pm.
    3. Daycare Rate per day:  $30/day First Dog
    4. Daycare Rate per day Additional Dogs up to 3:  $20/day $15/day
    5. No more Half Days.
    6. PUNCH CARDS will no longer be available. Our 1 year pass cards will be that of the past. In replacement of savings for our regular clients – a point system will be in place to qualify you for free care or dollar amounts towards boutique items or services.  We hope to implement this Point System by January 2015.  You will have till December 1st, 2014 to purchase these 1 year passes as courtesy – remember they are non refundable!  If you like the convenience of prepaying – we can still have you prepay for 10 days at full price.  Please note, our new system will allow us to track prepayment – which will launch on January 1st, 2015.
      • All Punch Cards are valid till their expiry date – as noted, no refunds.

      If you have any questions with these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

So as you can tell – we have been super busy in all these changes – to become more efficient and as well – offer you a better bang for your buck!

Celebrate our 5th birthday with us this week with some fun giveaways and contests on Facebook!  Within this 5th year – we will be at our new facility – and it does not stop there.  Our Indoor Offleash Park, Indoor and Outdoor Dog Pool and future Rescue Wing and Cat boarding or just around the corner.  Plus we will set the new standard on Dog Shuttling!  STAY TUNED!  This year, is our year and we will not disappoint.

This year, is our year and we will not disappoint.


3 responses to “HAPPY 5th Birthday – Celebrate With US!

  1. Totally understand the need to increase! In order to continue to provide what you do, you have to be sustainable!

  2. Hi Sleeprovers,

    No need to reply: we just want you to know how awesome we think you are.

    As for business delays, we definitely understand. Smooth transitions are a rarity in the real world. It’s far wiser to get everything right in the first place. We have always appreciated each and every one of you – and admire all that Sleeprover does for us, other clients and pooches in need. We have always referred you to others and will continue to do so.

    Keep up the good work and continue to have faith. Your dream will continue to evolve and come true.

    We’ve offered before and now: if you need any help with your move, please feel welcone to phone or email any time.

    Happy week!

    Russell and Sophie

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