Dog Road Trip 2014 – Our Last Week with our Baby Thor – We MISS YOU SO MUCH!

I do not want to put a damper on a fun post – but I wanted to dedicate this entry to our baby boy Thor – the one that made us smile as soon as we picked him up (watch his video!).  

At the airport

At the airport

He melted everyone’s heart – and not just that – he had the best character to boot.  Thor at 10 months.

Um no dad.. YOU Jump...

Um no dad.. YOU Jump…

 He was never demanding, always willing to just cuddle.  20130712_184710When we were down, he would nudge us with his little nose or paw at us for us to pet him.. as if.. petting him, would make us better – and it always did.  20120901_075120

As tears flowed down Jimmy’s face, he is going to miss coming home to Thor bouncing around the couch, wiggling his bum and bowing – to show how happy he was, that daddy was home.  

Spoiled by the Sleep Rover girls always - and on his 1st bday.

Spoiled by the Sleep Rover girls always – and on his 1st bday.

Happy boy

Happy boy

shogun thor pic 2012

Take professional photos of your loved ones often!

His smile and his crooked teeth always brought a warmth to our heart.  He said – he was the only dog that we never needed a leash on, and he was always following our feet and looking up at us with one hand up in the sky – his chest muscles were so big

Such an adorabull model - his uncle Adam made him this custom RuffGear collar!

Such an adorabull model – his uncle Adam made him this custom RuffGear collar!

– that was the only way he could see us!  He never got in trouble, he never caused trouble and for being so tiny – he was the boss of our biggest dog Bourbon.  

The boys in front of the home!

Thor is the boss!

Always guarding him at dog parks, watching him, biting him – but yet he was also Bella’s our other Rottie, snuggle bug.

Bella and Thor

Bella and Thor


Thor always chose Shogun to hang out with

He adored Shogun - they were best friends

He adored Shogun – they were best friends

025 (2)

As soon as we brought Thor home – Shogun knew he was going to be his best bud

 Shogun and him were best friends.  They always hung out together – I know Shogun right now is on the couch, reminiscing all the times they spent together.  Wrestle Video.

Azumi & Thor - he was the best babysitter

Azumi & Thor – he was the best babysitter

Thor was even our babysitter for our newest addition Azumi!  So patient and so fun – through all her antics, including the famous peepee biting video!

Our Baby Thor

Our Baby Thor

You see, losing our furry family members is always painful.  We have lost two due to cancer and one to old age – it is never easy – however losing someone so sudden – was traumatic for the both of us.  It hit us like a truck – but also reminds us to live every minute to the fullest.  Never get mad for too long, never hold grudges and say I LOVE YOU more often – give that extra kiss.

Live every moment to the fullest, laugh often and love like there is no tomorrow!

Live every moment to the fullest, laugh often and love like there is no tomorrow!

At the end of our 9 day Road Trip – we left Seattle at midnight to drive as far as we could back to Calgary – so we could make our nephews 4th birthday on Sunday.

Thor & Ayden

Ayden & Thor – best buddies

Upon our first potty stop in a small town of Ellensburg Washington, we went to let out our dogs to pee.  Thor did not come out.  When Jimmy reached in for him, Jimmy’s scream and cries would haunt me forever.  Thor had passed away.  As we both cried at the Truck stop, Shogun started howling – something we had never heard him do.  Bourbon, who had tucked Baby Thor beside him, lay there kissing our tears.  We all knew, that Baby Thor was no longer with us.Consolation Lake 110

Our drive back to Calgary was filled with tears and sorrow and guilt.  We were inconsolable and hoping to wake from this nightmare.  No 24 hour vets were around in this small town – so we drove a few hours to the next City of Spokane, to put our baby to rest.  The ladies at the Pet Emergency Hospital in Spokane were amazing when we arrived at 430am.  They took him safe into their arms and made arrangements with us to send him back.  

For both of us, we felt guilt, why did we bring him on the trip?  Would he have been okay if we had not?

Dragon Boat 084However as a wife, knowing how much love Jimmy gave to Thor – how he was his little buddy – I gave him the thoughts that I force myself to take.  Jimmy, you spoiled that little boy like no other.  He did everything with us and there was never a day he did not feel love.  

Thor loved to snuggle Jimmy .. the last snuggle.

Thor loved to snuggle Jimmy .. the last snuggle.

Knowing the breed health issues, Thor got fed the best foods and was in perfect shape.  

All our family loved him and spoiled him.

All our family loved him and spoiled him.

My mom loved Thor

My mom loved Thor

He was never scared of any dogs, he got to go on hikes custom for him, follow us on all our trips we could take him and sleep with us under our blankets.. once in awhile, releasing a toxic fart!

As a mother of fur kids, I know it is the same as human kids – how you wish to raise them till they are old.  You want to prevent them from doing sports, or going out – to keep them safe and sound – but do they live?  

but do they live?

Do they get to experience and live their lives if you keep them bubbled?  When they pass on so early – you as a parent always feel – what did I do wrong?  Did I kill my boy?

You reflect on the could of, should ofs and would haves… and quickly – I revert to consoling Jimmy, baby – you cannot think like that.  

Let us cry happy tears and reflect on all the good times.

Let us cry happy tears and reflect on all the good times.. because that is what Thor would want.  He gave us so much joy – and would want us to remember him as such.


Although this post unlike most travel posts – might be solemn and short – I wanted to depict Thor’s last few days spent with us.  I wanted to thank all the accommodations that allowed us to bring 4 of our 6 dogs.  It is hard enough to find quality pet accommodations, not just for 2 dogs, but for 2 large dogs and 2 small dogs.  If we could bring all 6 we would – but that feat is nearly impossible – and plus, Mei Mei our Husky despises travelling.

Reminiscing all the good times helps me write this – even though my hands shake, my throat and heart throb and tears fall down my eyes.

We started with a quick 5 minute walk to a gorgeous water fall that our friend suggested for us in Revelstoke called Moses Creek.  

Moses Fall in Revelstoke

Moses Fall in Revelstoke

We made our overnight stay at the Kamloops Accent Inn.  The ladies there were so friendly and gave us our dog treats and towels and poop bags.  They had quite a large green area for the dogs to do business and that night alone, there were at least 15 dogs in the area.  The Inn was clean and well maintained.  PhotoGrid_1409267002772

We then made a beautiful drive north to Whistler – where Shogun had his first Nationals!  10636313_10154515970670654_1934550242627600345_nHe placed in the middle – after ranking higher at his last jump, from Juniors to now Seniors.  We had lots of fun once again, and stayed at the gorgeous Westin Resort.  Their limit is 2 dogs – but with prior approval – we were able to stay at this gorgeous resort with all 4 dogs.  10632786_10154515968900654_7144492743554514288_nThis was our luxury stay – but we had amazing service both at the front desk and the valet.  I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone, and is now our chosen resort for our yearly Whistler visits.  The only downside – was our rooms seemed to be at a newer section of the resort.  If you wish to request rooms closer to the front desk – it would be better as every time we left our room, we had to walk through a mall to just get outside.  Going out for potty breaks with the dogs was pretty cumbersome.  You can read more about where to visit in Whistler in our post from last year!984209_10154515969030654_7777397997981607662_n

After Whistler we headed straight to Tofino, to a beachfront cabin called Crystal Cove Beach Resort.  It was stunning – I still am in awe of the beauty there.  Our first stop once we arrived via Ferry to Nainamo – was Beaufort Lake.  FYI as well – there are dog relief stations on the BC Ferries!!!  

Thor booking it along the lake

Thor booking it along the lake

Beaufort Picnic stop - gorgeous LARGE clean lake!

Beaufort Picnic stop – gorgeous LARGE clean lake!

I did not read directions and aimed to check in at 2pm at the resort.  The staff were super friendly when turning me away – check in was strictly at 4pm.  We got cabin #1 – which faced the ocean – to wake up to the view is amazing.  10556304_10154521280715654_4452097621456742440_nThe beach was dog friendly – and by bylaw – dogs are to be leashed.  However everyone had such friendly dogs – all the dogs we saw were offleah there.  10533492_10154521282040654_7283576506978951786_nOur dogs loved it.  They looked forward to every day at the beach.  10636197_10154524287760654_8534403178927831216_nThe sand was cumbersome resort wise – as we tried to keep our cabin clean.  So what do they do?  They placed a dog wash station right near the beach entry for people to rinse off themselves and the dogs!  BRILLIANT!  The resort was so clean and so well kept.  When you drive in through the gates, you are in awe of all the flowers and shrubbery.  This is something that usually gets ignored by me – but it was so beautiful that it is worth mentioning.  The RV spots were well maintained and our cabin – being on the ocean, you would think it would be musky smelling or dirty or damp – no.  Being one of the first cabins on the resort – it was updated to modern comforts.  The beddings were clean – although sandy (could be from me though) – the beds were comfortable and updated which I love. 10556326_10154524277135654_2572432524624981869_n Many cabins do not care for upkeeping sleeping comforts – but Crystal Cove made no exception.  10351522_10154524277185654_5650048486245804423_nAll cabins were equipped fully, for you to spend many days in relaxation including a barbeque and front lawn with a picnic table.  10636171_10154521285235654_2361994725407434632_nWhen you think Cabin, this is what you dream of as a child.  Some even had hot tubs!  There is even a Starbucks at the main office where we also borrowed DVD’s to watch.


The gorgeous sunset!

 As a family or just your dogs – I highly recommend that everyone visit this gorgeous resort at least once in their lives – to appreciate not just a great resort – but a piece of the Canadian beauty of Tofino.  Enjoy the seafood while you are at it!  Tried 3 sets of fish Tacos – and Big Daddys and Tacofino are the best!

We then ferried back and stayed in Vancouver – via vrbo (I love using this trustworthy website to find pet friendly accommodations – make sure to read the reviews by other users first!) – we found a centrally located pet friendly suite.  These dog lovers allowed us to also bring our 4 dogs to their trendy home to stay.  

VRBO Rental

VRBO Rental

A great place to stay if you want to be central without spending a fortune.  

We visited a different offleash park this time – the famous Spanish Banks Park – where at the end of the road, is an offleash park!  10418902_10154535829870654_6383312627421308656_nIt is a busy park with no fencing – but with breath taking views of the Vancouver harbour and city skyline. 10629719_10154535831235654_7995506963021580963_n

After devouring our faces with asian foods – our final stop was Seattle.  Another pet friendly hotel called the University Inn.  The service there was impeccable – and the Inn was located conveniently off the main highway and close to an amazing Shopping complex called The Village.  We were welcomed with genuine smiles – and the staff – all of them, were genuinely happy to see us and the dogs (hand written dog treats for all 4 dogs). 10614298_10154535831370654_622468347733761899_n  The laidback feel of the Inn was casual and much like our style.  The rooms were clean and well equipped and considering Seattle hotels are very pricey – staying here was a great choice.  Not only do we not have to deal with the horrible traffic – we were close enough to downtown Seattle if we did have to trek in.

The Seattle Dog Park was the busiest dog park I have seen – full of dog walkers.  It was quite a sight to see – but the dogs loved the well laid out park of Magnuson Offleash – and if you were adventurous – you can walk towards the waterfront.  

Magnuson Offleash - Seattle

Magnuson Offleash – Seattle

They had water for the dogs and a mini pool and a shaded picnic area if you wanted to rest.. or be lazy.. why take your dogs to an offleash park and just sit there???   

This was Thor’s last offleash park.  

Our Baby Thor

Our Baby Thor watching over his Big Brother Bourbon

I wanted to write this blog, because I wanted to remember all the good times Thor had with us and how much we enjoyed having him with us.  I also wanted to thank all the pet friendly accomodations out there for giving this opportunity for us to cherish these memories with our Baby Thor.  We hope that our well behaved dogs give more and more hotels and resorts the trust that we can be as clean and responsible as any other client that might walk through their doors.  That no matter size or breed – that we can appreciate and respect the facilities.  So thank you to the managers of these hotels, inns and resorts for our Baby Thor’s last few days on earth with us.  We know you stepped over and beyond the rules to accommodate us, because for every 5 places I personally emailed to ask – we found that one, you guys.

for every 5 places I personally emailed to ask – we found that one, you guys.

 I am so happy to flip through all the photos I took over the years and the videos – and somehow I still wish I had taken more.  Cherish every day as if it was your last.  



6 responses to “Dog Road Trip 2014 – Our Last Week with our Baby Thor – We MISS YOU SO MUCH!

  1. So sorry for your loss, we share in your tears of sadness. What an amazing doggy holiday. I’m sure Thor had a blast and such a fantastic way to spend your last days with him.

  2. What a loving tribute to your frenchie Thor! It brought tears to my eyes as I read your blog and could relate to your stories about Thor! Chester has a very similar personality and they just become a part of the family! Thinking of you!

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