Sleep Rover Resort – What is Taking So Long??

I am not a fan of airing out laundry – however many clients have asked – especially potential new clients – “When are you opening???”

We originally stated a happy date of Fall 2014 for our grand opening – a perfect 5th year anniversary day – but of course – with all new buildings and construction – delays are the standard.

It has almost been 3 months since I last posted a blog, and it is fair to say – the new building has taken over my mind – in a good way of course.

The thought of having a new, updated and full functioning facility – is what we all, at Sleep Rover dream and strive for.

After our approval back in May – we were excited to announce the dream was turning into reality – little steps at a time.  Unfortunately, two of our neighbors filed an appeal – which easily took up a month of organizing, setting up the Council Meeting and of course fighting and standing up for this dream.

By July – we had conquered that first step – but with that final approval – came more additions to our list.

– The Rockyview County asked us to build a road – as our neighbor did not wish to share our current driveway with a business.  Being on a busy roadway of Country Hills Boulevard and the ongoing construction and growth near the airport – that was a reasonable request.  Unfortunately, financially – a road is not a job we financially can support.  The cost of the road is almost the cost of our whole project.. as it is an actual Range Road – not a driveway.

With large dollar signs looming in our eyes – I am determined to keep trekking to insure our dream to have the best facility for our clients – is fulfilled.

So at this time, our Fall opening date is not attainable.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time – especially the following:

1.  Since March, when we closed entry to any new clients, we have started a wait list which currently sits at 68 dogs.  We want to be able to provide everyone with the best care for their dog – and we appreciate all your interest – and it pains us that you have to wait;

2.  Maxing out daily – sometimes past our limits because of the lack of facilities out there that our clients feel comfortable taking Rover to.  We have trouble saying no, and we appreciate you all understanding that it is not our goal or want to max out on a daily basis.  We have added on extra staff at 5 per day to accommodate our clients – but the space is getting tight!  We are so happy to have such a large yard;

3.  There is so much to update in our current location – we know the paint is chipping, our carpets are run down, our playsets are falling apart – but at the end – we are low on the cashflow.  New facility – or update current facility?

New facility – or update current facility?

We are aware of everything we need to improve on – and one thing that will not falter – is our service and quality care.

….one thing that will not falter – is our service and quality care!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We are always here to answer them.  We hope our next post will be great news – we are just excited for the opportunity and advancements thrown at us.


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