Kao’s Top Three OffLeash Parks in Alberta!


Canmore Offleash 2013

I know there are quite a large percentage of people, that will not step foot in an offleash park, because of ‘other bad dogs’.  I love the existence of offleash parks – and the growing amount of them over the years!  Leash walks are important as well – to keep structure – but nothing beats running free in an open field and smelling all these new scents for dogs!

I am a huge supporter of offleash parks – even if some people believe segregating their dogs from other dogs will ‘keep them healthy’.  I am one of those parents that believe it will only boost their immunity.

Canmore Spray Lakes Offleash

Canmore Spray Lakes Offleash

I also experience ‘bad dogs’ at the offleash parks that have owners, who have zero control of them.

The most important thing you should teach your dog before entering an offleash park is, RECALL!

However who cares how other dogs are – make sure your dogs listen to you – that will be your upperhand.  Shogun is neutered, but he attracts dogs from afar.  People never believe me till they see it with their own eyes.  Dogs from 20′ away seem to smell the ‘Shogun scent’ – bust over and mount him.  Over the years – we have learned to tell Shogun to wait and not react (because who enjoys a person running up to you and humping you like mad), as we pull off these dogs, and return them to their owners.  We all know, if Shogun ever told this dog to ‘screw off’ by shaking him off and growling – I would have a vicious pitbull in my hands.  *sigh*  THAT is another story.

Here I will list out my most favorite and most visited Offleash Dog Parks in Alberta!

#1 – First up is one, that we will drive 45 minutes our of town for – the Canmore Spray Lakes Offleash Park!   It is in the parking lot of Quarry Lakes.


Bella is so happy!

Why do I love it?  The scenery is gorgeous!  For a picture freak like myself – modelling my dogs upon this back drop is stunning!!  The park is quite clean as well and attendees of this park are very dog friendly.

Shogun and his many poses!

It is also a nice easy hike if you wanted to do one with your dog.  In the middle of the hike is a pool of water – suitable for a quick dip!

Hosers & Canmore 041

Spray Lakes Offleash

You are to leash your dogs on the hiking trail – as it is a link access to the many other trails for Quarry Lake.

#2 on my list – is Southland Dog Park in Calgary (aka Sue Higgins).  Why is it one of my favorites?  The amount of dogs!  I love going to a busy park to socialize my dogs with all kinds of dogs.  Loud dogs, mean dogs, shy dogs, crazy dogs etc.  I love the large spaces provided and the recent additions to make the park more entertaining – including fenced off areas for training purposes.  There are also several pathways that lead you to the river – for some cool down moments and swimming!


Fetching in water is so much more tiring!

Be careful though, going during Spring is risky with the high levels of water.  The water might look calm, but can quickly wisk your dog down stream!

081 (2)

Northside of Southland

Ayden offleash 059 - Copy

Southside of Southland – Great place for fetch!

#3 on my list – for the cleanest park in Calgary – would go to River Park in Marda Loop!  Downside for many, is this offleash park is not fenced in and is steps away from a busy residential road.  A upside is that it has a shallow river running down from the hill – an easy walk down will have your dogs splashing in joy.  Plus the great city skyline!


Shogun showing his Calgary Pride at River Park!

River Park Pitbull Picnic 054

Pitbull Picnic 2012 at River Park!

River Park Pitbull Picnic 064

Non fenced offleash

If you are stuck in Banff – they DO have an offleash!  It did not make my list due to the size (only 1.5 acres) and location (Industrial Banff) – but it is still a great place to relieve your dogs and stretch their legs out!

Banff Offleash Park

Hope you found these parks helpful – we look forward to seeing you all there!!  Below are a few more photos of my crew at the offleash parks!  Yes as noted, I am a picture freak!  Plus it practices patience and the ‘stay’ command!

offleash 071

Winter at Southland 2013


Thor gnawing on a stick – Canmore offleash

Gorgeous Canmore scenery 2013


Wait!! Is that a coyote??? No.. just Mei Mei!

Canmore 033

Offleash makes for a happy, content and well exercised dog!

Canmore 039


Offleash 069

Shogun posing at Southland Dog Park 2013



4 responses to “Kao’s Top Three OffLeash Parks in Alberta!

  1. thanks for sticking the Banff park in there – it is small but we all worked hard to get it and it probably one of the most used recreation areas in Banff! come by any day at 4:30 and the best Banff dogs are having fun! we are working on getting a second seasonal one for the winter on the rec grounds!

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