Dog Friendly Cabins and Cottages


Riley, Shogun & Mei Mei at Castle Mountain Chalet

We haven’t gone to many Cabins and Cottages, merely because I am spoiled, and enjoy the modern amenities.  If I am going on vacation, I want somewhere that will ‘feel’ like I am spoiling myself.

However after posting my recent posts on my top fave places to take my dogs – many have asked if I have experienced any Cabins or Cottages!

We have visited two in Alberta – Castle Mountain Chalets just north of Banff and Johnston Canyon “Resort” as they call it.


Outside to pee/poop at Castle Mountain Chalet


So are you ready to wake up and take me for a walk?

Out of the two, my more favorite one would be the Castle Mountain Chalet.  The suite we chose was roomie.  As it is out of the town by a good 15 minute drive – bringing groceries to cook there, is a great idea!  Their restaurant was open when we went – and we had dessert and dinner brought to our chalet.  The bed was not the most comfortable – however the chalet was clean, bright and cozy.  The bathroom was huge!  The chalets were spread out as well.  Downside – which is one major reason we do not go back more than we want – is the train tracks.  You might not always hear them, but on our night, we did.  Two trains bombarded the quiet forest with noise in the middle of the night.  Although this is not constant – it was kind of a damper for a good nights sleep.

Make it a goal to see the amazing Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park when you are up there!  It is gorgeous!

The second cabin we visited would be more rustic, the Johnston Canyon “Resort”!  What you imagine a cabin to be.  We went in 2009 when Shogun was just a pup – and they have not made any updates since – except for a new website.  One good thing, you are just steps away from one of the easiest hikes to see some beautiful falls – Johnston Canyon.


Shogun as a pup, Mei Mei & I – Living Room of Johnston Canyon Cabin

The floors of the cabins are uneven – which is funky!  We rented the 4 person classic bungalow to share with my brother and wife.  It was a sufficient size and clean.  There are no major modern amenities – even the tv was a tube tv with VCR!  Rustic!  I loved the little details (like the door barely closing, or the windows barely opening) that made it so western.  The beds also were not the most comfortable – however they suffice and match the decor for the rest of the cottage.  If you get enough hot water – you can enjoy a bath (which I assume many people do not use) in the beautiful soaker tub.


Mei Mei waiting for dad.


Charming cottage at Johnstons Canyon Resort


We are excited about our August trip to Tofino with all our dogs.  The cabins we plan to visit are on the resort of Crystal Cove!  They allow as many dogs as you can handle – and are right off the ocean!  We will be sure to update you on our road trip during March Spring Break with the dogs (where we will be trying the Sutton Vancouver for the first time) and as well as our August trip.

If you do visit these cabins, let us know what you thought!  🙂


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