Options for Paw Protection for Rover!

Castle Mountain Pet Friendly Rental

The balcony of our Pet Friendly Rental

Castle Mountain 030

Thor, Bourbon & Shogun at the bottom of Castle Mountain

I felt really bad this weekend when we took the boys to Castle Mountain near Pincher Creek for a nice weekend of snowboarding in some great powder!

We were playing fetch in the snow when Shogun ran so fast – he braked to catch the ball – and because it was so cold – he ran back, sitting in a pool of blood!

Castle Mountain 051

Fetch in Powder!

His nail had snapped in half – and his quik was clearly exposed.  Why?  With having my 4 other dogs groomed at Roverspa (i have 5) – I had negated to cut Shogun’s nails for over a month – leaving almost a cm of nail exposed.  With the cold briskness – his nails were even more prone to snapping.  Bad mom!

I felt horrible all weekend – and after wrapping him up – i was looking for something to hold the bandages in – even though it was well wrapped.  Something to stop the snow and any wetness from going in so easy.

The first thing that came to mind – was the famous PAWZ Dog Boots!  They are shaped like balloons and we use them at Sleep Rover as well – if a dog cracks their paw or gets their nails cracked.

In our van first aid kit for the dogs (yes for the dogs and not ourselves…) – we had everything but that.

An alternative – is a ziploc bag with an elastic – or even a plastic bag if more convenient.

After our vet visit to 24 Hour Fish Creek – Shogun’s hanging snapped nail (the cracked ended proceeded to cut into his pad it was snapped so sharply!) was cut off – and he was all clean.  The vets gave him some Metacam for the obvious pain and wrapped his vet wrap with the Pawz Dog Boot.

After 24 hours – we took off his bandage which had soaked in blood.  Nails are like ears – they bleed lots!  Shogun got put on antibiotics – as I felt it necessary with his quik exposed – and within 48 hours he is all better.  Instead of plopping on the balloon which he hated.  It is quite heavy and uncomfortable (so he said) – and he kept trying to flick it off.

My alternative to keep his paw dry and protected – was the Ruff Wear Sock called Bark’n Boot Liners!  I did not think about this till a client had mentioned that she did not want her dogs to wear boots (they hated it and never stayed on) – but wanted something that stayed on.

Shogun modelling the Bark N LIner from RuffWear!

Shogun modelling the Bark N LIner from RuffWear!

RuffWear 014

Up close and Personal!

I gave the sock a try and voila – it stayed up through Shogun’s zoomies outside this morning and kept his paw dry.  They are not water proof though!  I read somewhere that people use it for their dogs when they are on hardwood (cutting nails would help that issue) – but keep note – they do not have grips on the bottom to keep dogs from slipping.

They are snug and Shogun does not mind them either!  In the meantime – we would soak his paw at night with Epsom salts to keep it clean.  Make sure the paw is kept try and Rover is not licking it.  If so – that cone of shame comes handy!

Comes in a set of 4! Shogun wears the 2.5.

Lesson learned – clip dogs nails at least every 2 weeks – and if you want to give their paws a break – moisturize with some Pet Safe balm (or paw butter) and put a sock on it!


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