Dog Chews!! Featuring Whimzee’s!

Bourbon, Shogun, Bella & Mei Mei (with Thor snorting behind us) enjoying their chews today!

I was first intrigued by the Whimzee treat – due to the adorable shapes.  When I learned that the ingredients were just as good, we had to try them!  We first brought in the Hedgehog and Alligator to Sleep Rover – and they were a hit!  The Hedgehog I find, takes my rotties a lot longer to go through (around 10 minutes) – whereas the alligator is a quick snack.  I have yet to try the giant toothbrush with my dogs – but they too – are a hit!

Nom Nom!

Bella & Thor enjoying the 6″ Open Range Bully Stick!

We carry the lines of Whimzee, Get Naked and Open Range dog chews because of the quality.  They are as close to natural as possible – and give the dogs some nutritional value – compared to the basic Greenies or Dentastix by Pedigree.  Two chews that are extremely affordable – but offer little to no ‘good for doggie‘ benefits.

Another cheap alternative that I highly recommend everyone to avoid are rawhides!  Not only are they not good for your dogs – they cause bloating and most dogs are unable to digest them!  They last forever because.. they are raw ‘hide’ meaning made from the HIDE (like leather) of animals.  As I am not scientist or vet – read more here!

On a frigid cold day such as today in Calgary – giving Rover a nice treat – is always appreciated.  I choose the Bully Sticks, Get Naked and Whimzee Chews because they provide the chew, with less likeliness that my dogs will chip a tooth over.

Like anything given to dogs – whether food or toys – treats and chews should be given under supervision!  You never know when a squirrel will run by and Rover decides that they want to attack the window and choke on their chew!  Accidents happen!

Other great choices are Antlers – which contain natural forms of calcium and minerals!  Read up on Antlers here – but be careful that your dogs do not chip their teeth on them!  One good thing, is antler chews last forever!  Also raw bones from your butcher or local grocery store are great choices.  Popular ones are marrow and oxtail!  Some people love to give raw chicken wings too – bone and all!  That is another blog article though.  Not many people can stomach carcasses on their living room carpet.

Nom Nom!

Our Bella enjoying an Open Range Bone! You can stuff it with Peanut Butter after too!! These are smoked, not raw.

Keep warm and stock up on these great chew choices to keep Rover’s gums healthy and their belly’s satisfied!!  They make great gifts to your dog loving friends too!


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