Home Made Chicken Soup – Humans love it – DOGS DEVOUR IT!

I am no Masterchef – but my dogs sure think I am!  🙂

Flu season for humans, is also the season for dogs to get under the weather!  Nothing feels better on the body then warm soup!

Keeping Rover hydrated is a great way to keep them healthy!

One thing that I love making for my dogs – is home made chicken stock!  It is super easy and a great way to use up those bones you made from your Roasted Chicken or Turkey!

If you use a lot of salt – considering rinsing off the carcus before popping it in your dogs stock.

As I am no Gordon Ramsay – I can give you my Jamie Oliver way of doing things (all over the place with no rules!)!

1.  Place carcass in a stock pot (raw or cooked, does not matter!).  This is a great way for you to buy a whole chicken to roast for dinner, or if you like boneless meat, to cut it off and save the bones.

2.  I like to use Celery and Carrots for my broth – for Chicken Soup for humans – onions and garlic are a bonus too – but not for dogs.

Soup additions

Soup additions – Carrot & Celery

3.  Fill up the pot with enough water to cover all the items in the pot!

4.  Set your stove on high (put the pot on the stove 😛 )  and boil away.

5.  Once it boils, set the stove on low and let it simmer so all the juices and yummies get seeped into the broth.

Pot of Feel Good Juice!

Pot of Feel Good Juice!

6.  I only cook it for a few hours – till my whole house smells divine.  Set to cool (by turning off stove!) and strain.

Cool & Strain!

Cool & Strain!

Some doggies love carrots – so you can leave those in there!

7.  I like to add more water at this time to dilute it more if I am giving it as soup – or I leave as is, if I mix it with their meals for that extra yum.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG HOT FLUIDS!!  Room temperature or cold is best.

8.  As it is flu season – I like to add extra supplements to their meals – to boost their immune system.  Right now – every other day, I use OregaPet’s Oregano Oil (you can find this at Sleep Rover)!  Adding Gluco and Oils at this time is great too!

OregaPets Oregano Oil - great for immunity boosting!

OregaPets Oregano Oil – great for immunity boosting!

Like humans, the more fluids you drink at this time – the faster all those toxins get rinsed out of your body!

My dogs think I'm the best chef ever!

My dogs think I’m the best chef ever!


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