Why Spend Money on a Dog Bed?

Round Camo PLAY bed

Everyone’s fave bed in our Living Room, PLAY Lifestyle Camo Large Round bed

Why do we encourage people to spend a little more to get a quality dog bed?

The same can be asked about why people spend a good chunk of money on their own bed!

For me, it boils down to the following:

1.  Top of the list is comfort.  You and your pet (well your pet most likely doubles  your time in bed!) spend more than half your life sleeping – so why not do so in comfort?  High quality fillers allow the dog bed to keep its form.  This allows for maximum comfort for your dog!

Beds can add to your decor!

Thor & his Jax & Bones bed in Medium

2.  Quality – Dogs get sick, they get dirty – and there is nothing worse than washing your dog bed (which you should do as often as you wash your bed sheets!), and have it flatten out and lose it’s shape and form!  We use to buy Costco pet beds on a regular basis and found that we were replacing them every few months, because the filling would sag and shift around the sack.  The exterior cover is important.  Cheaper beds pill and tear easy and allows for the innards of the bed to come out.  If you plan to wash your beds regular – a higher quality cover sustains color, durability and form.  Most high quality dog beds can last over 5 years if cared for properly.  Even the zippers are strong, with all the tugging I do, trying to stuff the thick filling back in!

3.  Style – The vain side of me loves having a great looking dog bed (since I have so many with 5 dogs) as part of my decor.  I love looking into our dog kennels to see a stylish bed – making it less ‘cold and jail like’ – making it look comfy!  I love having them in my bedroom and living room without them being eye sores.

Kennels are comfy with beds!

Mei Mei and her Jax & Bones bed – comfy for kennels!

In a year – I spent every few months replacing cheaper beds at $30-60 per bed.  Since getting PLAY beds and now Jax & Bones beds – i haven’t had to replace any of them!  So in retrospect – a $150-200 bed might seem pricey – but when I have not had to replace one for over 2 years now – I would say, I have saved money!

Here is a video I  recently did comparing our two high end dog bed choices at Sleep Rover – Jax & Bones as well as PLAY Lifestyle dog beds.  We also carry Westpaw Bumper beds and Molly Mutt duvet covers.  Ask your Sleep Rover staff member any questions you might have – and select your favorite fabric for Rover’s new bed!


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