Hiking with Rover – Consolation Lake, Alberta


Jimmy and I love taking our dogs (sometimes all 5) to the mountains!  We are so spoiled to be so close to the Rockies – with so many pet friendly hikes and accommodations!

When Spring and Summer rolls around – we are even more excited – as hikes are involved!  This Fathers Day weekend, we took our boys and some friends to Consolation Lake!  This lake was raved as one of the most beautiful lakes in Alberta!  I would rank it at an 8 for sure!  The hike is super easy – especially with dogs!  One downside is, there is a lot of traffic and tourists visiting the entrance to the hike – which is the gorgeous Moraine Lake off of Lake Louise!  Image

Check out our new friend Kepler’s first hike with us – and of course, Bourbon and Thor’s first real hike!!  http://youtu.be/tSSJ3l-bysk

We started a little late, around 1130am and was finished by 3pm – and this of course included all the stops I made the dogs take for pictures!  I am a picture freak!



The pond was easily accessible at this time – however the beautiful Consolation Lake behind us was really difficult to get to with our dogs!  It was large and beautiful!  Clear glacier waters!Image

To get to the lake, it would be easier with just humans with proper foot wear (such as boots due to the sharp and large boulders)!  The boulders were way too large and deep for us to make it safely with our dogs.Image

Definitely would classify this as an easy hike and a must for you and your dog!  The weather was a clear sky at 16 degrees Celsius.  Not too hot, not too cold – just perfect for the dogs.  Any hotter, and I would highly recommend bringing a few bottles of water!Image

By far, it does not beat my favorite lake, which is South of Consolation, called BOOM LAKE.  The water is crystal blue and turquoise and a very quiet trail.

Top things to remember on a hike:

1.  Dogs must be in control on the hikes to respect fellow hikers and to preserve the wildlife and nature;

2.  Bring plenty of water for yourself AND Rover!  If it gets heavy, purchase a back pack for Rover and have them carry it!  KEEP ROVER HYDRATED!

3.  Bring some high protein treats such as liver treats!  They would love a snack while you have your delicious sandwich or Protien bar!

4.  Find a hike with a dog friendly lake!  A great way to cool down and enjoy some fun with Rover.  Make sure to find a hike suitable for your dog and their fitness level.  Carrying your dog back due to fatique or dehydration is not something anyone wants to do!

5.  Pack some extra items in your Pet First Aid kit including tick removal tools, bug spray and sunscreen!

Most importantly, have fun and be respectful!  Recall is super important in an open environment where danger lurks (wildlife, cliffs, fast and dangerous running waters, greenery not meant for ingestion, hunters etc.).  If your dog lacks recall, they must be leashed at all times!

We will post our next blog on accommodations!  HAVE FUN and ENJOY!



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