Natural Remedies for Itching – No One Likes It!

Spring Season is upon us in full force!  Rain has brought forth beautiful green grass and leaves have started to appear on trees and flowers in full bloom!

With that comes nasty mosquitoes and of course, allergies!

ON a side note for humans, NeilMed has been my natural way to rinse out our sinuses due to dust and allergens!  Check it out – I got mine at Costco.

In respect to dogs – I have two great products.  One that I tried last year and swear by, and the other, will try this year!

The first item that I tried last year and swear by is the 3 Green Dogs Skin Relief Spray.


I mention this product in our May 2013 FAVORITE SUPPLEMENTS VIDEO

The product can be used for dogs with hot spots due to allergies.  I love the fact that it soothes rashes that I have dealt with (whether allergy, environmental or from obsessive licking).. a few sprays – and rashes almost vanish.

I wanted to write about this because just this weekend, Shogun, my most sensitive dog (allergies/special food needs), busted through the bushes during our weekend offleash romps.  He was the only one that came back with a belly full of rashes.  He was scratching non stop (I thought he got bit by a mosquito!).  I decided to look at it around 630pm and voila – the picture below shows what I saw.  We quickly gave him a bath and by 7pm, I sprayed the SKIN RELIEF SPRAY all over the areas with rashes.  From his chest to the tip of his knees.  It teared me to see how bad he was!


I rubbed it in and made sure I held him back by cuddling and massaging him (or you can put on the cone of shame!) so the product had time to seep in.  Few minutes later, I put a blanket on top of him and he rested for 2 hours, no scratching.  We went upstairs for bed, and I took the 2nd picture at 11pm – and voila – the irritations disappeared!  Just a few remaining spots remained and by the next day – he was all clear again!

Another option some recommend, is Benedryl for kids!  Be sure to ask your vet before proceeding – as this is a medication.

Once again, this product is super for hot spots.  If you find Rover nibbling on a dry spot, or you have a white dog licking non stop on their paw, turning it red… another great way to ease the annoyance.  PLEASE NOTE:  Licking and nibbling are signs of underlying problems.  Most can be solved if you change your dogs diet to a more natural form.  Always make sure the areas involved are not underlying lumps and issues that need to be addressed.

The 2nd product that we are excited to try for this Spring Season is the OregaPet Bed Body Spray for those pesky mosquitoes.  It notes that it fights more than just your pesky bug!  Image

To use, simply spray on your dog before heading out and again when you return home.  All the ingredients are natural and can actually be found in most Yoga studios to disinfect Yoga Mats and Yoga Studios!  This is safe for yourself and Rover!  We are excited to try it out and will update you near the end of June on how it goes!!

Enjoy these two products in preparation for Spring!!  It will save you a trip to the vet and keep your sanity!


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