Rescues We Support

For my first post – I wanted to talk about why and what we support when it comes to Animal Support in the community.

All rescues organizations do an amazing job – so why do we choose who we support?  There is a saying in Chinese more directed to relationships – but I feel that it is fit for this topic.  一腳不踏二船 “One Foot Cannot Stand on Two Boats”.

In order for us as a company to help out as much as we can to make a difference – we must focus on a small cluster, versus a mass.  We have chosen 3 major rescues to offer our support over the 100’s that are just in Alberta.

For this reason – we have become successful in helping others, while also helping our main purpose, to grow a successful and ethical business for our clients.

All our rescue work is no different than the rescues.  It is non profit and run by volunteers.  Here at Sleep Rover, I team up with our upper management which also includes Brooke (our company foster coordinator), who is continuously dedicating her time to rescue.  She does school information sessions, weekend vaccination aide and involves herself in all the Spay & Neuter clinics.

Helping out at Heaven Can Wait's cat room!

Helping out at Heaven Can Wait’s cat room!

We wanted to help out organizations that take an active part in helping the community, not just in animal rescue, but in education and prevention.  Organizations that are responsible in animal care, their health as well as their foster homes and adoptive families.  Many rescues thrive on numbers, pulling unhealthy animals from all around the world and placing them with families that are uneducated and not ready for what lies ahead of them.  We support rescues with foster family support, volunteer support with ethical goals.

We have chosen Heaven Can Wait, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew, Pound Rescue and Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force as our organizational focus.  This of course does not limit our time and efforts to help out other rescues such as Prairie Pitbull, Underdogs Rescue and ARF.

Supported Rescue - Pound Rescue

So how do we get involved?

–  we are a social media center on Facebook with animal lovers around the world.  DID YOU KNOW?  5% of our fans are from Europe with a staggering 25% of fans from the USA?

–  we do monthly fundraiser events that are creative, and not solely asking for money.  Our monthly spa days are held by our groomer and our foster coordinator, who dedicate their day off once a month to do baths and nails at a great price of $20 for a bath and $10 for nails towards a chosen charity;

Dedicating our time to raise money!

Dedicating our time to raise money!

–  we hold seasonal photo sessions currently volunteered by Just for Kix Photography.  Each adorable and memorable photo is only $10 – and all proceeds go to the charity of choice;

–  we actively volunteer our time during Spay & Neuter clinics;

–  we donate our famous boutique items to Silent Auctions held by the organizations;  Gift Donations for Silent Auctions!

–  we hold the very popular “OPERATION SANTA PAWS” – an annual Holiday tradition that started in Nov 2010, where the rescues choose 20 of their rescues (who have high vet bills, special diets or have been in rescue and not adopted for awhile) – and our Sleep Rover fans take part in fulfilling their wish list;

Delivering gifts to Heaven Can Wait

Delivering gifts to Heaven Can Wait

–  we foster up to 3 puppies on a regular basis (we have fostered 63 puppies since we started in 2009 – all which have been adopted!) – where we take care of their socialization, crate training, food intake etc.  You can learn more about who we have under our Facebook Page “Sleep Rover Foster Dogs“;

–  we offer our supported rescues, complimentary daycare and overnights to those that benefit from a social environment;

Although we try and involve ourselves as often as possible – the rescues continually need volunteers and of course ongoing monetary donations.  Not everyone has monetary leeway – however supporting our endeavors means a lot to us – so we appreciate that all our fans not only support – but share our events!  That is all we ask for!

In front of Save Haven

It doesn’t cost a thing to share!


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  1. And this is just one if the MANY reasons I love you guys!!!
    Amazing work as usual

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